Thursday, 31 July 2014

So, what are we up to at the moment?

A first stage for our work is to carry out a review of literature to understand the main issues in relation to nurse staffing characteristics in UK care homes and the care and professional development needs of nursing staff in care homes.  We also want  to explore innovations or developments (including any new roles for nursing staff) in this care setting.  We have completed our search and have a range of papers covering dementia care, end of life care, resident safety, nursing contribution in care homes and staff development (as well as other important areas).  We are currently extracting main headlines and learning points from this literature.  We will be looking at the international as well as UK literature to see what we might find out about non-UK settings.  Over coming weeks we will be sharing these headlines and we would really like to hear you views and comments. Watch this space…

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